Thursday, December 20, 2007

Okay so, I took quite an extended hiatus from blogging (after only 3 posts.. goodness) due to simply being lazy. Recently, however, I've decided that I want to restart my blogging adventures, mostly because I have pictures of delicious cakes that I can't wait to share!

That's right, cakes. Every senior at my high school has to complete what we call a "senior project". Its basically a learning experience in which seniors work at something they've never done before, we have a mentor who has experience in the particular project area and a coach who keeps us on track as far as deadlines and such are concerned. I have chosen to do cake decorating for my project and my mentor is my friend Kate who works at the bakery with me.

Being in the kitchen is quite a stress reliever for me. I enjoy the whole process of baking, mixing the flour and the sugar, then smelling the sweet aroma of whatever I'm making once I pull it out of the oven. Mostly though, cakes have been my passion lately. And so, when I came home from a very long day at school yesterday what else could I do but bake cupcakes? I wanted to try out my mini cupcake pan and get to use some of the Wilton colors that I hadn't yet so it was the perfect situation. I did my homework and didn't get to start baking until 11. I worked until 3am on these babies, not even tired by the time I hit my bed. I was so into the process, I didn't even notice how late it was until I got done.

Here we have all the cupcakes cooling, waiting to be piped. The chocolate are chocolate mint and they already have their layer of chocolate ganache here. (I used the basic chocolate recipe from VCTOTW but changed it a little bit to accomodate for the peppermint) The golden are Vanilla Raspberry cupcakes. (Like the chocolate, these were based off the Golden recipe from VCTOTW)

On the left are the chocolate cupcakes with ganache. On the left is a chocolate cupcake with a delicious swirl of red and white striped peppermint frosting on top of the layer of ganache.

These vanilla raspberry cupcakes were kind of dissapointing, not because they didn't taste good or look good, just because the last time I made them I altered the Simple Agave recipe from VCTOTW and it held the raspberry flavor much better than these did. However I didn't have enough agave to make the cupcakes so I opted for using just the regular golden recipe. I'll just have to remember it for next time though :)

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday,

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Littleleafer said...

Wow! That's so cool! Now I want to make cupcakes...=D